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My name is Hyemi from Korea, and I am the CEO of koboom.
I would like to thank you so much for visiting our website!

I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and maybe tell you a little about why I founded this company with my friends and how we helped our friends all around the world.

I am originally from Korea, but during my 3 years of living in Germany, even I was really struggling with buying things from Korea.

After coming back to Korea, my friends kept asking me to send albums and even Hangari(!) from Korea! One of them was a big GO in Germany, which lead us to support more and more Group Orders in Europe, until at one point in 2018 it got so much that I and my friends couldn’t handle it anymore. We hired more people, developed our own software with friends, and kept improving that up until the present. Of course, there were some challenges. But at this moment, we are more than 30 people helping to spread Korean culture across the planet, making it more accessible and cheaper to as many people as possible.

And at this point, I would like to personally thank you for supporting one of the first global export companies from Korea led by Women. My goal is to spread awareness and support women leaders! You are part of our journey, and we are really thankful for you supporting us while sharing the love for Korean culture ❤️

With Much Love,
Hyemi Kim
Koboom CEO

The whole Team is currently working remotely, but we connect daily by video calls. Most of the team is spread out across the globe, which we see as an opportunity to come up with all kind of new ideas to improve services, rooted mostly in intercultural exchanges.

Picture on the left: One of our recent Internal ICO events.