koboom logistics

Cheapest GOs For Your Participants & Friends.

Group Orders

From April 1st we guarantee 50 cents bulk-dicount per album compared to the retail price in Korea when pre-ordering over 30 Albums.

Safest & Cheapest GOs

Use our own koboom wholesale (Album bulk-orders) to get
even cheaper pre-orders.

Our system ensures that no orders get lost or get sent to wrong addresses.
Unbox all your Photocards from the Album with Magic Unboxing.

You Buy
We Ship

Buy your group order on any store in Korea. (Ex. KTown4U, GMarket, etc.). Send it to us, and we make the shipping cheaper and send it to you.


Get orders over 30 items for a fraction of the original price after you sign up.

Magic Services

We want you to feel as if you had your own place in Korea. Magic services, make your shipping even cheaper.

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Let Your Participants Track The Package Progress

All Participants of your Group Order can check on the package’s progress at any time, If it already arrived in the warehouse, what service you are adding, etc.

Stay transparent and don’t worry about updating them all the time on social media. One link is enough for them to keep checking the progress themselves.

More Free Services We Offer

We offer free consulting to help you improve your existing GOs or start making a living from your passion with the focus of helping your community, not screwing them to make money! We believe that real value for fans can only be created, if real passion is behind it. 

If you are passionate for the same thing as we are, then we would love to welcome you to our coaching, where we can work together to make K-items available around the globe at the cheapest prices with sustainability & environmental friendliness in mind.

Support to Kick-Start & grow your Group Orders with materials or Tips & Tricks from experienced GOMs

We help you start your E-Commerce Store with partners to spread Korean items around the world, with higher profits for you & cheapest prices for customers.

Supporting you to establishing new supply chains & sourcing wholesalers in Korea if we don’t list specific items anymore or yet.

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