koboom logistics

How Does koboom Wholesale Work?


We are improving our system to automate orders even further & to make it overall easier. All inquires as of now can be sent to: [email protected]

1. Sign-Up

Sign-up on our website and generate your Free Korean address. This address you can use later to order on any Korean websites.

2. Navigate to the Bulk-Order section

On the left of the dashboard, navigate to our bulk-order section & let us know that you want to use our wholesale section. You can either use the live-chat, email ([email protected]).

3. Choose your bulk pre-order

Choose your album and order at a much cheaper rate than anywhere else. Dont pay national shipping on top because all products come from our warehouse.

4. Manage your order

You manage your bulk-order just like any other order in our system.

Imagine, you could do anything in Korea as if you were there. With our developed bulk-system, you can add any service as if you were in Korea. For example, remove all the albums & only get the photocards.

5. Ship Out Your Package

After you finished all service requests, you can ship out the package to your place, and save much more on shipping cost, compared to using other websites in Korea because:

  • Cheapest bulk Pre-Orders
  • No national shipping cost
  • All out of one hand
  • Combine your wholesale order with other orders & albums from other Korean websites